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The perpendicular recording method achieves high density

The traditional method of recording data on hard drives was performed by magnetizing horizontal regions on the media. As recording density increased, requiring more and more planar regions of ever decreasing size, it was difficult to preserve stability in a horizontally recorded layer. With advances in technology in recent years, the perpendicular recording method now magnetizes vertical regions, perpendicular to the surface of the media layer. Adoption of the perpendicular method has accomplished high recording density and still preserves stability on modern disk drives.
In recent years perpendicular recording has gone mainstream and our Hard Disk Crushers have evolved to meet the challenge. Our Hard Disk Crushers are fully compatible with perpendicularly recorded hard disks. Furthermore our Recycle Box can handle the next generation of SSD and flash memory devices.

Compatible Products

- HC2000S
- HC3400S
- HC7800S
(Under development)
- HC-3A (Coming soon)

Other models can degauss a perpendicularly recorded hard drive by repeating the erasure operation two or more times.


Proof of Performance

To prove that a perpendicularly recorded hard disk has been erased, the disk can be swabbed with a magnetic colloidal marker[*1], and patterns can be checked before and after degaussing. Magnetic patterns disappear after demagnetization. The photographs below confirm that magnetic patterns have disappeared after degaussing.

Click each image to view closeups.

[*1 A magnetic colloidal marker causes magnetic particles to coalesce under strong magnetic fields, forming a pattern which can be observed in reflected light. By viewing the material before and after erasure of magnetic media, changes in reflection can be observed.]

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